Effectiveness of Vaccination Recommendations versus Mandates: Evidence from the hepatitis A vaccine, ” Journal of Health Economics 52 (Jan 2017): 45-62.

“Direct and Spillover Effects of Middle School Vaccination Requirements” (with Christopher S. Carpenter).  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming. [Previous version: NBER Working Paper #23107]

Working Papers

“Giving Teens a Boost? Effects of Adolescent Meningococcal Vaccine Recommendations.” Revision requested, American Journal of Health Economics

This study provides the first quasi-experimental evidence on the effects of non-binding vaccine recommendations targeted at high school-aged adolescents. I find that these simple recommendations significantly increased meningococcal vaccination rates among the targeted population by 21 percentage points, or 133% relative to the baseline mean, and substantially reduced meningococcal disease incidence in the population. I also provide evidence that the recommendations primarily affected vaccination rates through changes in provider behavior, and show that they exacerbated pre-existing disparities in receipt of preventive care. In particular, lower SES groups, which had lower rates of vaccination and provider contact prior to the recommendation, were also less responsive to the policy. 

“Gender Earnings Inequality After the ‘Roza’ Revolution: Evidence from the Life in Kyrgyzstan Surveys, 2010-2013” (with Kathryn H. Anderson, Brantly Callaway, and Damir Esenaliev).

Work in Progress

“Effects of Immigrant Legalization on Health and Access to Healthcare: Evidence from DACA”

“Life Course Effects of in Utero Exposure to Historic Rubella Outbreaks”

Effects of Legalizing Abortion in the 21st Century: Evidence from Mexico City”